Atlantic Underground Podcast Trailer

April 30, 2020


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Atlantic Underground Podcast Trailer
In this modern age of information overload do you ever feel that you don’t know which information to believe?.Do you sometimes feel you are being deceived?
Do you often feel that the information peddled by mainstream media is well packaged in a one size fits all type of format? Do you feel that over time that mainstream media has lost the art of investigative reporting and that they tow the line of government and big business all in the name of profit?
Do you feel that your rights and freedoms are slowly being eroded?

Here at Atlantic Underground Podcast we question the mainstream narrative and give an alternative perspective on all the current issues.
We are looking to start a respectful and constructive dialogue on the various topics.
Join us as we dig deep to uncover and explore the other side of the story.
The story the establishment wants to keep from the masses.
We hope you join us on our journey to uncover truths hidden in plain sight.
We are the Atlantic Underground!
Podcast premiere coming soon!
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